Why is life sad?

I am sad now and I don’t know why! And this blogging world sure is a lonely place. I thought I would be enthralled to be here, was dreaming during my studying days to come here and begin a new life. But now that the exams are over, here I am, absolutely clueless and unhappy. I need to sit and think why am I unhappy. Is it loneliness? Growing up into an adult? Life becoming too serious. The endless list of conflicts and problems with various people around me? Others getting hurt by me and me hurting others? I simply don’t know! But it sure does make your heart feel heavy? Sometimes I am worried if I am heading for a even more lonely life, towards a graduate program in a strange city, where I may not find good friends and will suffer in loneliness. OH GOD! The very thought of it is so scary.

Just wanted to talk here because there is no one else right now to listen.


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