Why I love my guy

Because he is very very special, and unlike any other guy I have ever met. I, right now, feel so lucky, that he chose me and is really in love with me. Yesterday I had to go to the hospital and in all the panic I just wanted him yo be with me. He had travelled so far to attend an alumni meeting in his under graduate college. I had called him, crying, as soon as he reached his college. He has dropped everything for me and came rushing to the hospital. He was completely there for me, and in fact when I requested him to pay the bill using his card, for the medicines, he did not even think twice. Mom and me took a few thousand bucks, but because we were asked to take X ray and pay doctor fees, we didn’t have enough cash in hand right then. While he took care of the medicine bills, I and mom went ahead to get me injected by the nurse there, it was painful. But since my darling was around, I stopped panicking. I felt  I was in safe hands and that he would take care of everything. Finally he dropped me and mom at a restaurant where we had to go to keep a personal commitment. I asked him to get down the car, wanting to hug him and say thanks to him for being such a nice guy. I also realised that I truly madly deeply love him and trust him with my life. I am indebted to him and wish to make him the happiest man in the world.


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