A Quick Update

I logged into this account after a long time. A Lot has happened in the past many weeks. After I wrote this post, the very evening my guy called up. He had told his parents long back!!!! In fact his parents were so happy that he has chosen me! 🙂 He had not told me about this because he wanted me to concentrate on applications and get admits so that I can finally go to where he is.  Of course I fought with him and told him that he not telling me what happened, really scared the hell out of me. He is a great guy and I so totally love him, head over heels.

Things are going great and we are really understanding each other and being there in one another’s life. I also have great news! I got selected in a Top University in USA and one more admit as well in another good university. I am still waiting for my 8 other admission results. Once I get all my results, I would choose the best University and get started with my next phase of studying and getting into job.

My guy has been totally supportive of my wishes and has been one the most important reasons for getting the admit. I am so happy!

Stay tuned for more updates, later!